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Apparently someone has decided to move the website to help us. Donate so we can have our website back from these terrible hackers. Also spread the word to your friends on this site.…
Squint In His Underwear by 951237
Squint In His Underwear
Good news everyone I'm friends with   oystercatcher7 He decide to unblock me. And we decided to make this pic for old time sake. But my promise to him is the not the bug in this munch and I won't. Will probably have us pick like maybe once a week or every two weeks. So I hope you enjoy Squint from Ice Age 4 showing how sexy he is showing off his muscles in his underwear. Hope you like him
Rev And Tech The Bellybutton Lovers by 951237
Rev And Tech The Bellybutton Lovers
at the Loonatics Tower in the glorious city of Acmetropolis the scientists of the crime-fighting team Tech in the shower. They just got back from a lawn mission fighting there archenemy Melvin the Martian who try blowing up the world again. In the middle of the shower he felt like that he was being watched by someone but always seem to see him out the corner of his eye but he ignore that. Highway for his shower he heard a loud knock on door and company by yelling. Tech are you down in there you know my ferris will dry if I don't take a shower. Yes what any Loonatics story will not be complete without the loudmouth and annoying Danger Duck himself. "Duck can you wait" Tech said walking washing his hair. I don't even know why we only have one bathroom in this damn tower. Because Aces is too lazy to buy a second one. Yeah if I was a leader I would have. You always say you want to be the leader Duck tell you shit your mouth and get yourself killed. Or your suit burned off. Or you lose a limb. I get it Tech. Look just don't take all day okay. You know the world can see this duck with dry fetters. Yeah keep saying that your girls on your computer that watch your nude body. I say we're not gonna talk about my porn career Tech. Don't blame me if I was the one find it on your browser when your computer broke. Just be thankful I haven't told Ace or Lexi for that matter. He would've been pissed off and she would've been laughing at the size of your dick. Then in a fit of rage Duck went back into his room piss off at Tech. When Tech got out the shower he approach the mirror after putting on his underwear. He smiled at the mirror and stared flexing his packs. Followed by rubbing his hand down his stomach then approaching hard sexy bellybutton. For those of you don't know Tech loved his bellybutton. He even train non stop to get a six pack just to get a ripped bellybutton to match. He said while rubbing his bellybutton. Sucks nobody knows about my secret love for my bellybutton. Some days I wish someone else can rub it for me. How about me. Tech turned around shocked to see Rev right behind him wearing nothing but his red underwear. "So how is your bellybutton" Rev said to Tech. "How did you get in here" Tech said pissed off and Rev. I just just open the door. And why aren't you wearing nothing but your underwear. My clothes were dirty and this was the only thing clean. Besides you look sexy in your green underwear Tech. Tech blushes a little bit form Rev's comment. Thank you Rev. Then Rev's look down at Tech's bellybutton and smokes a little. Say that is a rip bellybutton how many crunches you had to do the gas thing like that. I'm not sure I wasn't counting. if you don't mind me helping myself to your bellybutton Tech. Tech stops for quickset sec thinking about how many things Rev will do with his hard bellybutton. Of course Rev but if you have fun with my bellybutton can I do the same with yours. Ser Tech whatever you say. Rev then bind down and put his finger right in Tech's bellybutton. Wow Tech said you do this like a pro Rev. I know it's because I do this with my bellybutton all the time too. Rev I didn't know you're a bellybutton lover to said Tech. Of course I am the bellybutton is so sexy. And and yours beats mine any day. This continues on for a couple of minutes until Tech stops him. Alright my turn with your bellybutton it's my turn. I've got up and Tech gone down and then Tech put his finger in Rev's bellybutton. Halfway during this is the door open to see Fuck waving a full hour to use the shower. I told you Tech I was. Then he stopped to sees Tech and Rev in their underwear playing with each other's bellybuttons. Duck said Rev dud you mind leaving where in the middle of something. Duck with out saying a word backs up and then runs down the hallway screaming. You know for a lover like him Text said I am surprised he's never seen bellybutton love. Ya who nude. After Tech was done he got up I and kissed Rev. Then he said to him" How about you and I go back into my bedroom so we can express our love with out Duck getting in the way again. Sounds like fun. So left the bathroom knowing they will be happier knowing each other secrets. And that Duck won't be sharing a tent with them anytime soon. 

To be continued

This was originally going to be only a one part story fore   willy as a trade for the Star pic. But I'm saying screw it because I wan two more Star pics from him. So I'm going to give him two more parts of the story. I hope you like it all and I hope he especially loves it.

And if you want to read the rest you have to go to my FA account sorry

My FA 
Star's LightningBurst Experience  by 951237
Star's LightningBurst Experience
Here is a quick trade featuring Star from the movie Balto (1995)

Star has bin specially chosen to test the engery and muscle growth drink LightningBurst, since he's the smallest and skinniest of all the sled dogs. Martin J promised him with his prime he will no longer be laughed and be the coolest sexiest husky in Alaska. He is now featured his transformation in this 'Before and After' picture. Before he was thin with a bet of muscles on in his bones. and now he slightly taller with well-built muscles. He looks as if he can pull a whole shed of his own now. Just wait until Steele and the other sled dogs see him now.

Was a trade between me and :iconwilly: Just wanted to show people. People please make star more muscular. He looks good and I love that little fella. So I hope you like him.

Star Universal
Art :iconwilly:
LightningBurst :icon951237:
Apparently someone has decided to move the website to help us. Donate so we can have our website back from these terrible hackers. Also spread the word to your friends on this site.…


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